About us

MATHEMATICA aims to improve overall outcomes of students by Simplifying Mathematics in a way that students love and are confident about Mathematics.
Mathematica also aims to achieve a broader goal of providing students with life skills.

MATHEMATICA was established five years ago by award-winning and highly experienced maths tutor Foram Rawal.

‘Passionate’, ‘focused’, ‘committed’, ‘enthusiastic’ are all words Foram’s students use to describe his teaching practice. Quite simply, Foram just loves maths and his passion is infectious.

With a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, he brings to MATHEMATICA considerable experience as a maths tutor in India. He spent many years maths tutoring year 10-13 aged students in India and also gave private lectures for undergraduate students in mathematics and engineering.

Foram is methodical and patient in his teaching practice. He has an amazing gift for presenting difficult and complex mathematical concepts in simple, easy to understand language. And it’s this ability to simplify maths in a way that engages students which is at the heart of MATHEMATICA’s success in maths tutoring. Here’s what one student recently had to say about Foram:

I took maths tuition at MATHEMATICA for a level 5 university maths paper. The patience and dedication Foram put into helping me achieve my goal was amazing!

Foram’s knowledge, patience, his ability to break down complex topics for a layman and all the hard work he puts in to make sure his students succeed is the key! Honestly, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Foram’s support. Thank you!

Now firmly established as one of the best maths tutoring services in Auckland, MATHEMATICA’s main area of expertise is simplifying maths for enhanced student outcomes. And the good news is this approach can be used to support a wide variety of life skills. Whether it’s problem-solving abilities, managing stress and juggling multiple priorities, Foram’s approach to simplifying maths develops wider life skills that students can use in their personal and professional lives after study. And that will make a big difference to the local community as well as at the national and the international levels.

"Order and simplification are the first steps towards mastery of a subject” ― Thomas Mann